In the spring, a twice-yearly rooftop check is needed. If you are not afraid of heights, you can check your own roof. Otherwise, ask a professional to check.

Check the sloping roof:

  • Check for dark stains, which may mean the growth of algae and fungi.
  • Clear the drain.
  • Clean up the pieces
  • Repair any damaged waterproof layer

Check the flat roof:

  • Check the cracks in the roof.
  • Spongy spots may mean leakage.
  • Check whether the firmware fixed to the roof is firm.
  • Repair any damaged waterproof layer.

Don’t forget to check indoors. Look at the brown spots or the water stains on the ceiling or wall. These signs point to a leaking roof.

Check for damage from roof winds

The storm will wreak havoc on the roof. After a strong wind, check the ceiling for missing or crimped tiles and replace any damaged tiles. Check the damaged roof and clean up the clutter on the roof.
Spot checks

Check the exposed surface of asphalt and gravel roof. Repair covered tar and gravel. Checking any blisters or spongy spots on the roof may mean requiring professional roofers to repair or replace them.