When you buy a house and move in soon, people often find that there are many things to repair or change. The problem of large structural things such as roofs is often seen by storms and heavy snow. Even if the house is checked for housing, the inspectors will check the roof’s drainage system with the naked eye, the roof of the chimney skylights, the roof’s approximate lifespan, and some problems are not found at the time.¬†Today, West London roofing will tell you about roofing repair and installation.

The roof is a complex system that consists of a variety of elements. What people see and are familiar with is the top level. SHINGLES, it is the main part of the roof, but there are other important parts that the general people are not familiar with. Now the SHINGLES¬†There are generally 25 Years even 50 Years of life, and other roofing materials like the roof of the plank, the roof and the chimney junction of the seal, the gas vent at the rubber band is not so long life, often the roof of the SHINGLES If it’s not bad, it needs to be updated.

Roof often out of the problem is the roof of the rubber band at the outlet, the roof and the chimney junction of the sealing gum aging lost its original role, causing the roof leaking. Encountered bad weather like Gale, storm, hail, snow roof tiles are blown off, dislocation and so on without extreme maintenance and caused the roof leakage. If the rain is not very serious, may not be aware of the owner, because the roof is insulated insulation layer, will be leaking into the rain, womb no one noticed, until the day saw the ceiling has a spot, only to know the big bad, the insulating layer has been absorbing water saturation, the roof under the wood is rotten, the ceiling is falling down.

The leakage of the roof is not repaired in time often leads to expensive consequences, like the window frame rotting for new, SIDING, the house wall ceiling to be repaired and so on. We recommend that the roof be checked in time after the big storm to see if the tiles have been blown off; three or four years check the rubber band roof and other parts of the interface.

The roof that is prone to problems may be the design and installation of the problem, perhaps the use of poor quality materials, or the installation of the people have no experience, the roof is too short, the rain did not leak into the water pipe, but leaked to the back of the pipe board. We met a lot of customers on the roof of the UK company installed, the result may be workers have no experience, the installation of the roof is leaking rain, the walls are all wet, we can’t help shaking their heads, do not know how they do the work.