If the influence of the roof on the house is very big, it is necessary to ask a professional master to investigate the cause and repair it in time. Some may be caused by the waterproof problem, some may be caused by the roof pipe, and the corresponding problem should be repaired and treated. What is the cost of roof leakage maintenance? Roofcare London is here to tell you more about it, we are one of the top roofers in London.

The roof leakage repair costs

1. The leakage maintenance cost of roof is mainly to see whether it is local repair or overall repair. The cost and cost of repairing the roof is higher than that of the local area, and the overall repair is usually made by SBS coil. The specific cost is constant according to the quality of the coil. The fee charged by the regular company is £25 to £50 per square feet, or it is waterproof by the use of heat. The waterproof material is a material of insulation and insulation, and the cost is between £25 and £35 per square feet. If it is only a partial repair, the price is much cheaper, and the repair cost can be solved within £300.

2. For commercial housing, the quality guarantee period of the roof waterproof layer is 5 years. Therefore, if the top floor of the building is leaking during the waterproof warranty period, it is the responsibility of the developer. The developer has the obligation to maintain the property free of charge, and must contact the developer as soon as possible, and ask them to repair immediately, so as to prevent the developer from delaying the expiration of the warranty period, thus causing him to bear the maintenance cost.

3. If the roof leaks during the warranty period, and the developer fails to fulfill the obligation, it will go to the consumer association, the construction department and the quality supervision department to make a complaint. If the other party still performs its obligations after the complaint, they will seek the news media to expose them and prepare for the judicial solution.

4. If the roof is leaking after the warranty period, there will be no business for the developer. Since the roof is publicly owned, it is the responsibility of all the owners. If the leakage is not serious, minor repairs can, then all the owners discuss the maintenance cost apportionment, after the consensus, collect the money, find the property repair. If the leakage is serious, for example, the roof is badly cracked, it needs to be overhauled. If you apply for a major repair fund, if you apply for it, you won’t have to pay the maintenance fee. If the application for maintenance fund is not approved, only the owners of the building share the maintenance costs.

The roof leakage repair methods

1. Fill the seam, the top floor is leaking most of the cracks, and it needs to fill the gap with a hundred million refill cream, and then take the next step after drying. (if the seam is less than 1MM, no refill is needed)

2. Use water-based waterproof coating or wall transparent waterproof material to brush twice, in a comprehensive way, if the light coating gap also needs to reach 20 centimeters or more. This will ensure the bond. Waterproof coating is infiltrated into the bond, good elasticity, so the service life is long.

3. It is not allowed to get wet in the time of 12h. If the roof material is special, if it is not suitable for waterproof coating such as rubber, other waterproof materials can be selected. If be waterproof agent, if be ceramic tile surface, do not continue to break out seam, can use waterproof agent to make surface waterproof, the gap place USES fill to make the combination waterproof.

4. If it has not been done before, it is the new top of the cement building. The appropriate way to do this is to first type the oil and then select a qualified SBS waterproof roll.
5. If it has been done before, most of them are covered with SBS waterproof rolling material. If the time is more than six or seven years, the surface damage will be severe, and the SBS can only be re-used again. If the time is short, the damage is not very serious, so, buy one or two barrels of oily polyurethane waterproof coating to paint the damaged area to be able to stay for another two or three years, save time and save energy.

6. The leaking point on the roof is usually the shape of the sink and the joints. It is safe to deal with these details when the construction is done. The effect that oneself do is not good, late maintenance trouble and influence integral effect, if have problem need to seek professional maintenance team to deal with.

Roof leakage have high low cost of maintenance, according to the specific leakage situation to decide, if it is only a partial line repair is ok, generally can be done within £300, the roof leak repair method with similar waterproof engineering, believe that friends are doing waterproof engineering know something.