You’re not afraid of the rain! The leakage of London houses has brought great troubles to our life, which has greatly affected our daily life. For example, the leaking of houses can cause the furniture to be affected by moisture and even corrosion, and the walls are mouldy and so on. The leakage of the roof is a household problem that is often encountered in daily life. So, everyone is asking, how does the roof leak how to repair, the roof leaks how to deal with, quickly come to look with small make up together. But first you need a qualified roofers in London to do the job.

How does the roof leak repair?

The first is to see if there are cracks in the roof, whether the original waterproof layer is old, and the original SBS waterproof rolling material of the roof has no bubbles. If there is a bubble, it will have entered the bottom of the waterproof layer, so it will leak. There are still a lot of roof holes in the roof.

Secondly, in the rural area, most of the prefabricated panels are used, and the contact between the board and the board is usually caused by leakage. Therefore, it is easy and economical to repair the roof of the rural flat roof, which is to put a layer of asphalt on the roof to glue the open seam, but the waterproof effect is not durable. The more durable method is a waterproof layer on the left of the roof or latex.

How is the roof leaking?

1. If there is a large leak or leakage point in the roof, the professional personnel shall check for the cracks first. After handling the cracks according to the previous scheme, the waterproof rolling material will be spread on the whole roof. If the waterproof effect is to be strengthened, the insulation board can be put on again. As the heat insulation board is more than 20 centimeters high, it can achieve the double effect of protecting the waterproof layer and insulating the heat insulation. The family that does not want to use heat insulation board, can consider to use steel mesh to mix soil (professional term is steel mesh fine stone concrete), prevent leakage effect is very good also. The wall cracks seepage, in general the professional construction team will use the hanging basket, the maintenance personnel in the external wall construction. The solution is: large cracks can be used to plug the king, small cracks can be used glass glue to fill the leak, repair with external wall water repellent, spray on a few of the following. Due to the need for high altitude operation, the public must ask professional construction teams to handle the leak, so as to prevent the safety accident from being released. In addition, citizens must also be aware that, before the waterproofing works, the roof must be dry, because the water in the roof is not vaporized, it will put the new aquifers on the roof, and the waterproofing will not be effective immediately. Therefore, it is not suitable for construction on rainy days, until the sun can dry the water before construction.

2. Secondly, if the roof is not waterproof, you only need to remove the leaking part from 2~3cm deep and clean it. You can irrigate it with asphalt. Now you have finished asphalt coating, and you will be able to handle it when it is sunny. If there is a waterproof layer, it will be more troublesome to remove the water from the surrounding area and make it waterproof again. When doing this, pay attention to the waterproof interface and strengthen the layer. There are many ways to deal with the leak, or find some professional leak-proof companies to deal with the problem. Leaking roof building in the city and the construction quality is inseparable, general building roof leakage is a problem caused by foundation is not solid and floor, this is the question about which developers need to be solved, so the city building leaking roof, have to let property company for processing.

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