Key points and cost of West London roofing maintenance.
Because most English family don’t have the experience of roof maintenance, Roofcare now put together a collection of information on how to keep the house in place for a reference:

Independent House maintenance essentials.

The Detached House usually has a front yard, garage, and basement. The independent house itself and the surrounding land belong to the owner, with large space and high privacy, and the neighborhood will not interact with each other. But it also requires a lot of maintenance, the most common of which include spring planting, summer pruning, autumn sweeping of leaves, and winter shoveling. There are other details, too.

Outdoor maintenance of the Detached House.

Houses need to be maintained from top to bottom and from the outside to many places.

How to maintain the roof?

The roof is the most important for outdoor maintenance of the detached house. Every year after the spring, a check on the roof of the asphalt tile to see whether it has fallen off or loose, followed by the clearing of the roof of the tree leaves and other residue. Check whether there is an expansion between tiles. For the roof, the owner can check, and the specific repair work is best done by professionals.

How to check eaves?

Check the roof while checking the gutter. Rone generally fall into the embedded and external hanging type two kinds, embedded rone set in the bottom of the roof above, usually by waterproof material for lining single-layer, again with breathable cover back cover, so look not to come out from the appearance. There is a continuous, monolithic or different length of metal gutter, which can be used to fit the installation requirements with various sizes and angles of downpipe connecting parts and bending pipes. Visually inspect whether the ventilation panels under the embedded eaves have water marks or water droplets: if any, it means that the gutter is leaking. It is very likely that the interlining of the lining material has been loosened, or the drainage slope of the gutter is problematic and the drainage is not smooth. If it is the problem of the material inside, you can buy some glue to smear on the seam. If there is a problem with the drainage slope, you need to ask the professional to repair it.

How to check the balcony

The next outdoor part is the patio. First check the stability of the patio, especially if there is any damage between the balcony and the ground. Second, check whether the balcony railing is loose; Finally, see whether there is a displacement between the balcony and the housing connection, and whether there is any hidden danger in the structure. After finding out the reason, the owner can buy special materials for repair. After the completion of the repair, a layer of anticorrosive paint can be painted on the surface of the patio wood, which is good for extending the length of the balcony.

How to maintain the driveway

The Driveway is usually paved with asphalt, and some of the more upscale houses are paved with floor tiles. Whatever the southbound carriageway of the material has a certain use fixed number of year, part of everyday wear and tear, another winter snow shovel will cause physical damage to its, sprinkle in the driveway of a grain of the chemical damage. Bituminous driveways generally need to be relaid every two to three years, and the floor tile is likely to last between five and six years. According to the size of the asphalt driveway, the cost per installation is about 200 to 400 pieces.

House maintenance.

The annual maintenance inspection begins with the loft, which is the space between the ceiling and the roof structure at the top of the house. Its function has two, one is heat preservation, the other is ventilated. The insulated cotton lining can keep the heat in the house and won’t be lost easily. The effect of ventilation makes the attic do not prematurely age.
Check attic condition, can be entered from inside a small square channel inside, commonly this channel is set in the closet of the bedroom or corridor. You’d better get everything you need before you go to the attic, including ladders, masks, and flashlights. When examining the attic, you need to pay special attention to it. The foot must be on top of the wooden truss on the roof. You can’t step on the ceiling, otherwise it will be easy to step on the ceiling and fall off.

Loft checking

First check whether there is leakage, especially in the chimney, roof vent and so on, if there are water stains, it is clear that the water around the chimney has a problem.
Second, check whether the roof and roof structure have mildew, when the air humidity in the attic is high and ventilation is not good, this phenomenon occurs.
Third, check the exhaust pipe heat preservation cotton in the attic is loose, if the heat preservation cotton absorb the attachment on the pipeline of the condensate in winter, will become very thin and influence heat preservation effect, but also easy to mildew.
If it is the old independent house, also need to check whether there is a bird nest inside, because the bird droppings have an impact on human health, in a timely manner after cleaning, also in the affected area with a new heat preservation cotton.

How to maintain Windows

The overall maintenance of the house, except the roof is the most important window. The Windows are so important to Canadian homes that a long, cold winter needs a reliable window to protect against the heavy snow. The sealing of the window, anticorrosion, sturdiness, beautiful sex is house advocate needs thorough consideration, for the installation of the window and choose must not covet is cheap, try to choose good reputation and wide use of surface of the top products.
Windows are first checked every year from the bathroom, because the Windows in the area are the most prone to mold erosion. After a bath of water vapor condensation on the Windows, follow the flow to below the window frame, and is covered with curtains in the inside, it is easy to appear moldy phenomenon, if there is no clear in time neri will seep into the window frame, window frame, once after corrosion, sealing is affected, warmth retention property of the whole house will fall.
How to maintain the roof and foundation?

The two most important and special areas of independent house maintenance are actually one foot. The head is the roof and the attic, and the foot is the foundation, the basement. The first thing that needs to be checked in the basement is whether there is water seepage, which is the most important item in every area. In the basement, once there is seepage water, the maintenance cost can be much less, timely detection of the cost is less, if there has been a large area of water seepage, the maintenance cost can even reach tens of thousands of yuan. The most obvious place for water seepage is the junction between the pipe and the wall. Every year, check whether the waterproof glue of the water pipe and wall position is intact. If there is any slight loss, it needs to be repaired in time.

How to maintain a heater or air conditioner?

In addition to examining the structural problems in the basement, the inspection of the heating furnace is also necessary. First check the filter of the furnace, generally every two to three months should be changed. Then check to see if there is an abnormal odor, which makes intuitive judgment about whether there is a natural gas leak. Then check whether there is a loose phenomenon or air leakage in the pipe joint. If there is a similar situation, it can be strengthened and adhesive is used for the air leakage.

The cleanliness of the warm and cool air ducts is also very important, which is related to human health. Ventilation pipe cleaning to be performed every two years generally very clean, it must ask professional personage to use large exhauster to complete, cost is calculated according to the room how many tuyere.

Other maintenance of independent House.

In addition to the above some of the most common situation, maintenance can also according to the characteristics of their homes and preferences, such as some independent house with a swimming pool and landscape fountain, this requires more energy and maintenance costs, the pool maintenance spends at least 3000 to 3000 yuan, after the landscape through a one-time built into, every year need to farming on their own repairs.