The UK to buy a home to the main housing, with the domestic new house is not the same, most of the UK houses bought after the direct bag occupancy, there are some secondary housing need to tinker or in accordance with their own ideas to do some modification, such as the expansion, building sun room (Conservatory And so on) With the transformation plan, how to find a reliable decoration team becomes the urgent. In this article, West London Roofingwill tell you about the decoration of the British house.

How to find a reliable Builder

The British decoration team is called Builder, how to find the reliable Builder? The best, the most reliable way must be recommended by friends. If you have friends or friends of friends just decorate, you can let them recommend before using moreBuilder.

Of course, many people may be the first time in the UK to buy a house, or have no more experienced friends to do these things, so this time we need to start from scratch to find someone.

Today we will recommend a website for everyone, called most people in England findBuilderIt’s all done on this website. This is a similar bid for a website. Users to decorate their own needs to send up, around to see the needs of the decoration workers will come to contact you and offer. You can also see what their previous users have given them, thus choosing the most suitable decorator.

It covers a wide range of areas, from design to pipelines, from heating to sewers, from roofs to foundations, to electricians, floors, gardens and even new houses, all of which can be found in the right category.

Similar sites also have Rated People and Checkatrade, but today we’re mainly introducingMy Builder。
The biggest advantage of this kind of website is that we can see aBuilderAll past customer reviews. It’s better than a friend’s recommendation, but at least it’s better than making theseBuilderIt’s very objective to write on your own personal homepage.

Operation method is very simple, directly login to the website, write clearly what you want to do, specific description such as repainting the exterior wall, redecorating the whole house, change a boiler, garden to pave a grass, build a sun room and so on.

The description below is also written to be as clear as possible. For example, to brush the wall, how big the wall. To pave the floor, the room area is how many. Give you a more accurate bid. After the release, there will soon be a variety of Builder To contact you.

How to Give Builder a Quote

In general, after the decoration requirements are released, there will be few or so. BuilderTo find you a quote. Next you can choose from a fewShort list Tentative candidates, the contact you to leave each other, let the other side to find you to negotiate the next step. Or make an appointment for them to give you field measurements and give you a real quote.

Usually, a job for threeBuilder, give three quotes, pick one of our own feel good. To make sure we fancy the threeBuilderThe quoted price is comparable, and the most important thing is to get everyone to finalize the approximate scope and content of the work.

Then on the way of quoting, we recommend that you use a fixed price service, that is, what to do, how much money I give. Instead of choosing what to pay for working hours (how much you pay per day). In this way, we can have an accurate budget, know how much the project will cost, and also can supervise the workers and avoid the deliberate delay in the construction period.

Moreover, it is better to letBuilderRefine the offer to labor and material costs, or determine a completion time, and then figure out how much money to pay per day, so you can grasp the whole project in more detail. After all, so we can know where the money is spent, not by the other side patted the head to give a quote, nor easy to be cheated.

In the process of construction, but also with BuilderGet some money for a part of the job. After a lump sum.

So when it comes to building materials, in general we can makeBuilderBuy it yourself, we’ll pay for it. A goodBuilderYou will be given the relevant documents for the purchase of building materials (these can also be discussed before hand). These people have been doing this for a long time, there will be more reliable sourcing, than we ourselves from the beginning to something else is much better.

One thing to note is about contracts and agreements. In general, more than2000Pound project, we’d better sign a formal contract with each other. And the relatively small projects, it is also best to have the text of things showings (such asemailor the like). This contract template can be used it. And there is a such a written thing for the other side is also a good thing, you know, these days, not reliable customers are also quite a lot.

The most important thing is that everything is clear, and both sides need to understand what the project is going to do and how much it costs. After all, we asked for aBuilder, not a person who can read minds, the more detailed our requirements, the more the final thing will meet the standard.

In general, I own several sets of houses that have been in My builderUp and down. A number of different jobs. As long as the review of their comments is good (some decades of Builder, generally will be compared to cherish their reputation, will not be chaotic), rarely encountered problems.